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Nichia NFDWJ130B-V2 COB LED, CRI 80

High-power COB LED with 7170lm.

  • Powerful COB LED from Nichia
  • Available up to 6500K colour temperature
  • High colour rendering CRI 80
  • Excellent light output of 7170lm

For one euro you get 418 lm

  • High-power COB LED from Nichia
  • Colour temperatures up to 2200K
  • High colour rendering CRI 80
  • Robust ceramic board

For one euro you get 442 lm

  • Manufactured by market leader Nichia
  • High light output of 7170lm
  • Colour temperature up to 2200K possible
  • Offers cool white, neutral white and warm white

Highly efficient COB LED with 6780lm and CRI 80

  • Top quality from Nichia
  • Colour temperature up to 2200K
  • Highly efficient with 6780lm
  • Excellent colour rendering CRI 80

For one euro you get 418 lm

  • Manufacturer: Nichia, world leader
  • High luminous efficacy: 6780lm
  • Adjustable colour temperature up to 2200K
  • Excellent colour rendering: CRI 80

For one euro you get 418 lm

  • Top LED technology from Nichia
  • Versatile temp. in warm white
  • High luminous efficacy with 6780lm
  • Excellent colour rendering CRI 80
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Nichia NFDWJ130B-V2 COB-LED: A light master with CRI 80 and 6500K

The Nichia NFDWJ130B-V2 COB-LED is the product of many years of research by the renowned manufacturer Nichia. With a colour temperature of 6500K and a full 7170lm, this model shines in cool white and offers excellent colour rendering (CRI 80). Its field of application is diverse: whether in spotlights, downlights, high-bays or PAR lamps - thanks to its high performance and quality, the Nichia NFDWJ130B-V2 COB LED proves to be a true oasis of light

This COB module represents the new COB B-V2 series from Nichia, which promises a gain in efficiency and longevity. Originally developed for spotlights, high-bay luminaires and PAR lamps, they are used in a wide range of applications. Their ceramic board and clever 130 package design enable excellent heat dissipation and stability.

Features of the Nichia NFDWJ130B-V2 COB LED
  • Part of Nichia's innovative COB B-V2 series
  • Multi-chip LED module with high durability and efficiency
  • Ceramic board for optimal heat dissipation
  • Dimensions: 24x19x2 mm
Potentials of the COB B-V2 series

The COB B-V2 series from Nichia features significant improvements in brightness, efficiency and lifetime compared to its predecessors. This predestines them for numerous applications in a wide variety of fields.

Nichia - A world leader in LEDs

For more than 20 years, the Nichia brand has stood for excellent quality and high durability in the field of LED technology. As an established distributor of Nichia products, we at LUMITRONIX are proud to offer our customers particularly attractive conditions and a highly specialised service.

FAQ for the Nichia NFDWJ130B-V2 COB LED
  1. Where can the Nichia NFDWJ130B-V2 COB-LED be used?
    In a wide range of applications such as spotlights, downlights, high bay luminaires and PAR lamps.
  2. What makes the Nichia NFDWJ130B-V2 COB LED so special?
    Its high brightness, efficiency and longevity.
  3. Can I get detailed technical information about this module?
    Yes, detailed technical information can be requested at any time via our customer service.
Technical Details
Light colour
cold white
Manufacturer code
NFDWJ130B-V2 sm653 Q0639 R8000
Efficiency (lm/W)
162 (lm/W)
Luminous flux (lm)
7170 (lm)
Color temperature (K)
6500 (K)
CRI (Ra)
Power (W)
44.39 (W)
Voltage (V)
39.0 (V)
Electric Current (mA)
1150 (mA)
Size (L x W x H)
0.24 cm x 0.19 cm x 0.02 cm
0.002 kg

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